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Windows driver

Information and download instructions about the current Windows driver to access camera's chipset can be found here.

SUB2r control center's revisions

The installer is now integrated into Windows App Store and the latest version can always be found on Microsoft's site under the app's name SUB2r control center.

The app is available to all Windows 10 Desktop users free of charge. Obviously you need the SUB2r's camera to take advantage of the functionality provided by the app. You can always order your SUB2r camera in our shop

2.1.0: 2017-12-22


  • In “Expert” mode there's now a new sub-menu “Playground” with features mostly built for internal use while developing algorithms to run on camera (like auto functions to adjust white balance and exposure)
  • “Sensor registers' dump” now only shows up in “Expert” mode

1.8.2: 2017-12-09

Mainly a transition to the Windows App Store distribution so that there's no more need to download an installer and, even more importantly, once that migration is done the new versions/updates will be “just delivered” to end-user desktops, simplifying the whole upgrade/bugfix process.


  • The app is now listed on Windows App Store under its name SUB2r Control Center and is available for free for Desktop users running Windows 10
  • When performing DPC calibration there's now a reminded pop-up to stop your streaming
  • Added a progress bar to the Firmware Update pop-up

1.8.1: 2017-11-30

Download installer here.


  • When performing DPC calibration there's now a popup window to remind you to stop the video stream before proceeding

1.8.0: 2017-11-14

Download installer here.


  • Camera's firmware upgrade is now supported for both the local binary image files and via SUB2r's server (online connection required)
  • Green screen's max saturation was not fully restored from a preset file, fixed now

1.7.6: 2017-11-07

Download installer here.


  • The devices' re-scan now only happens if the number of SUB2r cameras on the system changed so plugging/unplugging other USB devices no longer cause the re-scan to fire up
  • When changing UI aspects that need a restart to be aplied there's now a confirmation dialog box
  • MS C Run-Time library (CRT) is no longer part of the package but is instead downloaded from the MS's site during installation
  • Reduced the package size by 1,009 KB ;-)

1.7.6: 2017-11-03

Download the installer here.

N.B. Uninstall the previous version via Windows Control Panel before installing the new version

Fixes/changes in this version:

  • Fixed a bug where Exposure was re-set to “manual”
  • UVC auto/manual checkboxes are now properly grayed-out when their change is not supported by the camera
  • Switching between normal/expert mode or changing the visual theme will trigger a restart of the app to apply the changes

1.7.5: 2017-10-31

This is the very first public release that is intended for technical preview only. Download the software package here. That zip file contains the following:

  • SUB2r driver Windows10 signed - a secondary driver that is required to access the camera's internals (beyond the standard UVC controls). This driver is not required for video streaming or controlling the camera's “standard” functions via UVC, like brightness, saturation, gamma, etc. Since the driver is not part of Windows' infrastructure (and is, therefore, not available on Windows update servers) you'd have to install the driver yourself. Either navigating to a yellow-question-marked “unknown” device in the device manager and “updating” the driver, or simply by right-clicking on the provided cyusb3.inf file and selecting the “install” option
  • frankie+aria - Windows installer for the two main utilities: "Frankie" (SUB2r control center) and "Aria" (video preview). The setup.exe file is not required and is only included for compatibility. Feel free to install the software by just clicking on the installation file SUB2r.msi instead
  • playground - a set of non-essential utilities sometimes used for troubleshooting
    • 2r1y-common.dll - a DLL shared (and required) by the executables in this folder
    • DXGI-01-enum-graphics.exe - console app to display system's GPU and monitor configuration as reported by DXGI
    • enum-displays-n-adapters.exe - console app to display system's GPU and monitor configuration as reported by various methods
    • enum-usbs.exe - console app to enumerate USB devices
    • enum-webcams.exe - console app to enumerate imaging devices and microphones
    • MMF_01_enum.exe - console app to display all the cameras and their advertised video modes as well as all the microphones connected to the system
    • MMF_02_cap_D3D9.exe - a simple video preview tool with a few extra functions (like support for rev. 26 RAW mode which sends pre-demosaiced video stream)
    • MMF_03_q_cap.exe - Real-time slow motion tool allows video preview with an in-place just-in-time slow motion (disclaimer: this was developed quite a while ago and since then not being maintained - may have bugs that render the user experience frustrating)
    • MMF_04_cap_D3D9.exe - a video preview and analysis tool that we've used to test out various image processing algorithms and perform some statistical analysis of the video stream's frames
    • uvc2fx3.exe - console app to “match up” system video devices to their corresponding Cypress counterparts (basically a link between a UVC device and the “guts” of the SUB2r camera)
  • html-tools - a few HTML-based tools to play with:
    • 2r1y-tb.html - a standalone helper for converting between dec/hex/bin numbers
    • PCC 1.23\piggy.hta - “old radio” control for the older OV 9714 chipset (compatible with OV 9750)
    • PCC 1.23\2r1y-pcca.hta - advanced control panel, allowing access to all internal registers of the sensor chip (one has to have the manufacturer's documentation to be able to utilize this tool)
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