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Welcome to the SUB2r wiki

It is free to use and everyone is allowed to access it without a need to be registered. If you'd like to contribute 1) to this wiki, please contact SUB2r to get your user registered.

SUB2r software bundle

Download the software bundle from this location. The package includes all the necessary pieces (drivers, core tools, additional tools, SDK with a library) and is extremely light-weight as it is only pre-packaged with the most used essentials while the less frequently used components are downloaded by the installer as needed.

Quick installation guide (just the driver)

Here's a Quick start guide with info on how to set up your environment to use the SUB2r camera.

Wiki overview

Following are the major Sections of the site:

  • manual: User manuals and specs - Technical specs and how to use the camera and the tools shipped with it
  • support: Support - mostly listing releases, their notes, and corresponding downloadable articles
  • code: For developers - writing code to run on the camera and the code to access it as well
  • sensor: Image sensor - data we can (legally) share about the sensors we use in our cameras and how to control them
  • isp: Image processing - the path from photons flying towards the camera all the way to that pretty image of Lena S√∂derberg set as a wallpaper on your desktop ;-)
  • optics: Optics - lenses, filters, power modules and how they affect the image
  • design: Design criteria - hardware, cooling, housing, mounting


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