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Welcome to the SUB2r wiki

It is free to use and everyone is allowed to access it without a need to be registered. If you'd like to contribute 1) to this wiki, please contact SUB2r to get your user registered.

Quick installation guide

Here's a Quick start guide with info on how to set up your environment to use the SUB2r camera.

Wiki overview

Following are the major Sections of the site:

  • manual: User manuals and specs - Technical specs and how to use the camera and the tools shipped with it
  • support: Support - mostly listing releases, their notes, and corresponding downloadable articles
  • code: For developers - writing code to run on the camera and the code to access it as well
  • sensor: Image sensor - data we can (legally) share about the sensors we use in our cameras and how to control them
  • isp: Image processing - the path from photons flying towards the camera all the way to that pretty image of Lena S√∂derberg set as a wallpaper on your desktop ;-)
  • optics: Optics - lenses, filters, power modules and how they affect the image
  • design: Design criteria - hardware, cooling, housing, mounting


remember to follow the wiki formatting syntax when editing these pages
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