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LED Color Codes

  • WHITE ⇒ GREEN: normal operation
  • BLUE: bootloader mode (FX3 failed to initiate but is programmable via USB)
  • Faint or pulsing RED: low power - use AUX power supply
  • RED: FX3 failed to initiate

Note: When programming the FX3

     AUX power should be removed
     SFP module should be removed
     The goal is to get the FX3 into Bootloader Device mode

First Method

  1. Close SCC
  2. Power off camera (unplug USB)
  3. Make sure no SFP modules are attached
  4. Plug in USB
  5. Relaunch SCC
  6. Using SCC Upgrade the FX3

Second Method

  1. Power Camera off for 10 minutes (same as first method with 10 minute reset)
  2. If LED is Blue camera has reset to bootloader device
  3. Goto Third Method

Third Method

  1. Download Cypress USB Control center from Cypress's Control Center utility
  2. Plug in USB cable
  3. Launch Cypress USB Control Center - CCC
  4. If you see SUB2r USB3.0 HD Camera in the left panel
    1. USE SCC to update the FX3 or go to Alternative step 1
  5. If you see Cypress FX3 USB Bootloader Device Choose this
  6. Choose Program
  7. Choose FX3
  8. Choose SPI Flash
  9. From the drop down menu select the file location you saved the FX3 img file to and OPEN SUB2r_FX3_1_1_#_#_##.img
  10. Bottom left hand side message should read Programming of SPI FLASH in Progress…
  11. Bottom left hand side message should read Programming of SPI FLASH Succeeded
  12. Camera is now reprogrammed and functional

Alternative if CCC sees device as SUB USB3.0 HD Camera

  1. From SCC select Expert Tab
  2. From the drop down select FPGA Console…
  3. First drop down menu will indicate Check if BL is Running - select drop down
  4. Chose Bootloarder mode
  5. RUN
  6. OK
  7. Camera should now appear in CCC as a Cypress FX3 Bootloader Device
  8. Go to Step 6 of Third Method

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