Arecont Vision MPL33-12A

Parameter Specification
Focal length2.8-8.5mm
Image format1/2.5“
FilterIR Corrected (not IR Cut)
ManufacturerArecont Vision
Data SheetDownload
Purchase LinkPurchase ($69.00 USD)

Notes (from Charmed Baryon)

Well built, solid lens with a good zoom range to replace webcams like the BRIO (which goes from 65-90 degrees diagonal). The image is slightly soft with this glass but still far sharper than traditional webcams with integrated lenses. Like most CCTV lenses at it's widest field of view it can only focus at macro ranges. It really needs to be at around 85 degrees or less to focus at typical distances. The lens is built from metal and feels solid, and as quite compact. Screws allow fixing zoom, focus, and aperture in place. This lens is a good candidate for people looking for a replacement for high end webcams with similar versatility in zoom range but with a much higher quality image than traditional webcams will give. This is a good option for a do-it-all lens for most people.

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