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StarDot LEN-MV412CS

Parameter Specification
Focal length4-12mm
Image format1/2“
FilterIR Corrected (not IR Cut)
ManufacturerStarDot Technologies
Data SheetDownload
Purchase LinkPurchase ($68.88 USD)

Notes (from Charmed Baryon)

VERY sharp for a CS lens. It is made for 1/2” sensors so it will be cropped. But if you want a narrower FOV, this lens gets a fantastic image. It's slightly larger than CCTV lenses made for smaller image formats. IR cut could be better. The image quality on this lens is excellent and it feels built like a tank. The zoom range maxes out at just above what you typically see in webcams (most webcams have about 65 degrees). At the lowest focal distance it can't focus beyond macro range. This lens is fairly comparable in its useful maximum field of view to SUB2r's bundled M12 lens, but faster and sharper. This lens isn't as versatile as those which don't suffer a crop, but at its widest angle it can give a very high quality shot for users who know they want they don't need a wide angle shot.

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