Computar A3Z2812CS-MPWIR

Parameter Specification
Focal length2.8-8.5mm
Image format1/2.7“
FilterIR Corrected (not IR Cut)
Data SheetDownload
Purchase LinkPurchase ($99.95 USD)

Notes (from Charmed Baryon)

Sharp and fast lens with a wide varifocal range. The lens is quite large for a 1/2.7” format lens. The lens housing is made of cheap plastic and very light, but the optics are high quality. As the lens is quite large it partially obstructs the view of the status LED on the SUB2r. Three blade manual iris that when wide open can reach f/1.2, making it great in low light or for users who want a very shallow depth of field. There is no crop given the image format of the lens is actually a hair smaller than the SUB2r's, but no vignetting either. The aperture ring does not have a screw, so it can be easy to accidentally adjust aperture when adjusting focus. Like many varifocal CCTV lenses, it can only focus at macro ranges at it's widest zoom. Really needs to be around 130 degrees or less field of view to focus at the distances most will use. This lens makes for an extremely versatile one-lens solution thanks to it's very wide aperture and varifocal range. Recommended for typical indoor use where users want a very versatile wide range of focal distances, but for mobile or rugged applications it isn't as tough as some other lenses.

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