Color Grading shortcuts

List of available actions:

  1. Left-click - page up/down of slider's position
  2. Left-drag - drag slider's position
  3. Right-click - reset slider to “neutral” position
  4. Shift+Left-click or Shift+Left-drag - move 5 sliders at once
  5. Ctrl+Left-click - set an “anchor” to be the current position of the slider, the anchor is removed once the Ctrl is released
    1. [Holding Ctrl] Left-click - bring the slider to the same level as the “anchor”
    2. [Holding Ctrl] Right-click - bring the slider to the same “resulting effect” as the “anchor”
    3. [Holding Ctrl] Alt+Left-click - same as 5.b but applies to all the sliders, so it has an effect of aligning all the sliders in such a way that they produce the same “resulting” value on the device
  6. Ctrl+, Ctrl+, or UI buttons / - shift the whole graph left/right by one position
  7. Hold down Alt - show all the current curve's knees
  8. Alt+Left-click on the slider knob itself (so not changing the position) - add a knee to the curve
  9. Alt+Right-click - remove a knee from the curve
  10. Alt+Left-drag - build a spline curve across the entire set of sliders

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