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 ===== Upcoming version ===== ===== Upcoming version =====
-  *+  * SUB2r-lib:​ 
 +    * first iteration of adding a "​%%SysInfo%%"​ support - will be automagically enabled once the core functionality is implemented on camera 
 +    * added a new sample program to demo the usage of the new %%SysInfo%% API and another one to demo the use of floating point values in API 
 +    * implemented ISO and INT USB endpoints 
 +    * fixed an issue with supporting "raw video" switch 
 +    * added simplified API support for DPC threshold and count 
 +    * adjusted the bit-width of the Black Level value to better match the practical range 
 +    * narrowed the sensor'​s Global Gain range to better represent the reality (the OV documentation is once again misleading...) 
 +    * properly reset version info when connecting to a different device (in multi-device setups) 
 +    * support for IEEE 754 floating point values'​ use in API 
 +    * "​transaction"​ support for sensor group writes to properly handle nested requests 
 +  * SCC: 
 +    * improved Automated DPC algorithm 
 +    * minor improvements in firmware update log's messaging 
 +    * properly handle the "raw video" mode in UI 
 +    * drag-n-drop support for 3 types of files: settings (.fws), FX3 code (.img), FPGA code (.bin) 
 +    * fixed a long-standing issue of loading settings'​ file breaking the video stream 
 +    * improved "group write" usage for writing multi-register values to sensor 
 +    * FPS fine-tuning and sensor binning controls (will be enabled with the next version of firmware) 
 +    * FPGA console: added a command to the list for switching the camera into Bootloader Mode (for programming a new firmware image with Cypress Control Center) 
 +    * removed Playground'​s AWB settings dialog as the functionality of using color temperature for white balance is coming to camera'​s firmware code in the next version 
 +    * Color Grading: HvS and LvS ranges are reworked to match the new Saturation limits coming in the next version of firmware 
 +  * aria: 
 +    * UVC dialog box improvement:​ UVC spec allows for the STEP to be inferred from MIN and MAX values for most of Processing Unit's controls 
 +    * launching UVC dialog no longer writes just read values back to camera
 ===== 2.3.14: 2019-11-12 ===== ===== 2.3.14: 2019-11-12 =====
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