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Quick start guide for setting up SUB2r camera

If you only plan to be using the standard UVC controls you can just plug-n-play the camera (ignoring the “unknown devices” that are not recognized by the OS). However, if you plan on taking full advantage of the provided functionality and access all the internal camera controls with our SUB2r control center application - proceed with the instructions on this page.

Step 1: download the bundle

The software bundle can be downloaded from a link posted on the start page of this Wiki.

Windows driver

N.B.: The driver is part of the software bundle now and you should only follow the steps in this section if you really just need to install the driver and nothing else (which is very unlikely).

In order to access the camera's functions beyond the standard UVC you need this Cypress FX3 driver. Follow these steps:

  1. Unzip the package Unzip - begin Unzip - proceed
  2. right-click on the cyusb3 file which displays its type as Setup Information (or has an .inf extension if you have those enabled to be displayed) and select Install Right-click => Install
  3. Confirm the Open operation
  4. Confirm the Windows's account access verification
  5. Make sure the Publisher is shown as SUB2r and proceed with the installation
  6. Now you have the driver installed

SUB2r control center

Download and install the SUB2r control center application from the link on the start page of this Wiki and install it.

If you need help with the installation - please watch this tutorial video.


Connect the camera...

… and wait for Windows to configure it Driver auto-config - discovery Driver auto-config - success


Start using SUB2r control center and enjoy our product!

For more information see:

Manual or a Tech. specification Link
Basic User Manual (camera) user manual
SUB2r control center user manual SUB2r control center
Tech. specs of the main board FPGA
Tech. specs of camera boards camera boards
Specs for lenses lenses
Tech. specs of the SFP+ modules SFP+
Visit SUB2r's Windows driver page for additional information
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